Concentrate Production Lines

We’re proud to say we’ve been at the forefront of sustainable design, which involves understanding the interoperability of systems and how to make them work together, balancing heating, cooling, and energy loads to lower cost and operational maintenance.

EMCE offers the engineering and know-how package required to produce Hemodialysis solutions including the technological process, equipment specifications, design and its manufacturing. Our installation teams composed of qualified supervisors, and skilled piping assemblers working in accordance to sanitary piping procedures.

EMCE offer comprises in summary:
- Hemodialysis solutions production technology
- Hemodialysis solutions product design
- Production room layout
- Equipment positioning
- Documentation for the production organization and quality control system
- Specifications for necessary utilities
- First training program for a sufficient period
- Installation the equipment at Customer’s site
- Training on production by expert technicians.
- Supervision the start up, test run and initial test production.
- Ensuring a full understanding of how the equipment works and how to operate for effective sanitization /sterilization and troubleshooting.

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