Bicarbonate Cartridge And Bag Production Lines

EMCE 600. 1500 Linear Package Feeding Conveyor

EMCE package feeding conveyor is especially designed for filling sodium bicarbonate powder. İt works with minimum number of personnel while feeding empty packages to the line conveyor without any decrease on the capacity while feeding uninterruptedly and without any squeeze on the feeding conveyor which is fully synchronized with filling line conveyor via PLC synchronization automation. The capacity of feeding conveyor varies between 500 - 1000 units per hour.

EMCE 1602 PAL DRY AIR Bottle Cleaning Machine

It is a full automatic dry system package cleaning machine and principally operates according to electropneumatic principles controlled by PLC

A pressure system with six bar and vacuum pressure adjustable to max -0.5 bar. Solid articles dust or any foreign material which may have been stuck inside PVC, PET, or PE glass or tin packaging during transportation or pre –filling phase is removed by 6 bar hygienic dry air or -0.5 bar vacuum pressure.

All pieces having contact with the product is made of AISI 304 SS profile. Lower chasis is made of St material with Epoxy paint on and is covered with AISI 304 SS profile and sheet material in accordance with GMP construction principles.

TD 501 EAL Volumetric Powder Filling machine

it is commanded by an electro-pneumatic system the PLC command with electromagnetic clutch.

The pieces of the system where the pieces are in direct contact with the product is made of AİSİ 304 SS, while the lower chassis is made of ST material coated with epoxy paint on and covered by AİSİ 304 SS profile and sheet material in accordance with GMP rules

In accordance with the specifications of the product and the machine such as, amount of the product, moisture and the pouring density of the filling unit, automatic powder filling machine can manage 200 or 1500 units per hour with 3% accuracy.

A dust set is provided by the manufacturer as installed on the machine.


The pieces of the machine which contacts with the product is made of AISI 304 SS material other parts and the chassis is made of ST material painted with epoxy and covered with a sheet dressing of AISI 304 SS material

Packaging dimensions of the machine is 600 x2000x 2400 millimeters .

All functions of the machine is controlled and commanded by the PLC operator panel on the dashboard.

One piece of cover welding unit will be provided by manufacturer with the machine .


The rotatıng table ıs made of AISI 304 SS materıal. Collecting table is driven independently from the line conveyor with the help of a reductor.

Finished and ready field packages are collected on the exit of the line conveyor on a table with a diameter of 900 mm.

The machines mentioned above including lınear package feeding, package cleaning/ filling, ultrasonic cover welding and collection table forms the essentials of sodium bicarbonate manufacturing line

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