Quality and Safety

Quality And Safety

As an engineering company we know very well that quality improvement is very much related with simplification of design, manufacturing, layout, processes, and procedures. We design our manufacturing processes to ensure the quality of products from initial raw material to end product.

We are committed to delivering innovative, high quality and value-added solutions to improve patient care. This fundamental objective leads us to consistently develop cutting-edge production lines and services for manufacturers in accordance with our mission of providing better healthcare

We achieve that through customer focused continuous improvement and by maintaining an effective quality system which complies with regulatory requirements.

As an medical engineering company, we have the biggest and the most modern comprehensive engineering company in Turkey and around her neighborhood which maintains consistently high standards and really exceed the most demanding quality standards. To manage this, EMCE relies on ultramodern technologies used in one of Europe’s most modern and highly automated engineering plant for hemodialysis solutions and consumables. With every project EMCE affirms high quality, safety and cost effectiveness for our customers and patients.

We recognize that reliability and performance of our production lines make a great distinction in the quality of hemodialysis consumables. We handle our work with an uncompromising dedication to quality and in full compliance with governmental agencies, local laws and regulations pertaining to all products that we develop, manufacture or sell.

Emce continiously evaluates and reviews its quality management system and follows continuous improvement to promote product and service quality.

We continuously keep the quality in sight. We are aware of the fact that highly automated latest technology systems itself is not enough to keep the top level quality in productions. Thanks to the skill and superior performance of our personnel, using our best efforts, we are able to determine minimal deviations from our standards and identify corrective actions before delivering our production lines. Thus, while providing safety we eliminate the minimum risk of delivering production lines that doesn't meet quality specifications.

As a result of our medical motivation for better patient care, a serious production quality is EMCE's outmost priority at every step of our design process. Thus EMCE has created a safe and secure environment which consists of latest scientific improvements providing the highest quality production lines for our customers and patients.

Our patients and customers have been entrusting EMCE quality and this is something they could entrust forever.

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