A/V Bloodline Production Lines

Blood tube Manufacturing line

The manufacturing depth and the production know-how of the production plant, EMCE fulfils the highest quality claims. With an extensive offer of system variations of Arterial and Venous lines and AV Fistula Sets for all current dialysis machines, EMCE hemodialysis bloodlines manufacturing line can be tailored to meet each customers specifications with maximum flexibility and independency and deliver accurate blood flow at a consistent rate during patient's hemodialysis treatment. EMCE bloodline manufacturing system is fully automatic and uses specially blended polymers and advanced extrusion technology to manufacture Arterial and Venous lines, Infusion sets, AV Fistula Sets and related components that withstand the stresses of hemodialysis treatment.

EMCE offers a total production concept including Extrusion, Injection Molding, Clean Room Assembly, Packaging and EtO Sterilization.

Emce Bloodline manufacturing line installs below components automatically ensuring high quality and a seamless production process.

1.   Medical grade tubing set
2.   Self-sealing injection port
3.   20ml, 25ml, 30ml, 40ml, 50ml chamber
4.   Kink resistant tubing
5.   Pump segment for high flow rates
6.   One stop blood clamp
7.   Priming rinse back connector
8.   Unique luer lock patient connector
9.  Infusion set & transducer protector.

Emce Bloodline production line includes 3 working station, each installing different components working in harmony with each other and 1 final end product installation station. Each station is equipped with cutting edge sensors to provide a seamless production with highest quality standards.

EMCE production line manufactures bloodlines available for all universal dialysis machines from globally well known manufacturers and renal care services providers.

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