The winds of change is strong nowadays. Customer expectations, business conditions, and competitors in the global market are continuously and quickly changing.

As the complexity of technology and markets has increased, we strive for improving the innovation process which adequately fulfills both prospective customers’ here-and-now needs and also future needs through enhanced idea generation, better decision making, and more effective exploitation within the realm of the individual and the collective knowledge at EMCE.

At EMCE Innovation is a purposeful and focused continuous process of creativity, design, invention, and exploitation that transforms ideas into outputs such as better service quality and shorter lead times, cost reduction, cost avoidance, and increas turnover which increase customer value.

Emerging technologies sourced from universities, high-technology startups, and competing organizations, competitor actions, new ideas from customers, strategic partners, employees and emerging changes in the external environment are all drivers which bring new opportunities, encourage us to innovate our production lines, processes, and services accordingly and meet unmet needs of customers.

Our manufacturing system is designed to improve high-volume production by reducing setup times and other forms of inefficiency such as high inventory in order to meet high level of competition in the market.

As a part of our innovation philosophy, Our SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT is continuously innovated to focuse on managing the flow of materials and information across the entire value chain, from supplier to customer and enhance integration with suppliers and customers and establish longer-term relations. It also enhances processes by reducing overall cost and increasing value added and responsiveness to the end customer.

Our manufacturing system is coupled with our supply chain management system so that our customers could produce the goods very quickly, at the right level of cost and provide an all-important service and production process.

Besides, our process innovation is of equal importance as product innovation. Process innovation can even affect product innovation that can inspire further product innovation. Thus, our customers can reduce cost, improve output quality, reduce lead time, or increase value for their customers.

Our designs and projects are strong enough to bring RADICAL INNOVATION to global competition, which enables our customers to have equal access capability to all global markets. With the significant competitive advantage that EMCE production lines offer, our customers can exceed the existing limits of global market and rewrite the rules of engagement and become one of the potential winners of the global competition.

Some organizations often try to maintain the status quo and resist innovative change. Innovative organizations, on the other hand, embrace the challenge of maintaining a balance between serving the needs of the existing customer and meeting the future needs of the market. Metaphorically, operations can be seen as a rotating wheel. If no changes are made to products, processes, or services, then the wheel will continue to turn; the organization will continue to serve customers with existing products and services for a time. But changes will occur outside the organization. Customer expectations, business conditions, and competitors will change. Innovation is about oiling the wheel, making it run more smoothly and more efficiently—making enhancements to products.

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