Complete production lines for Hemodialysis from one supplier

Making competitive production more accessible

Hemodialysis Concentrates manufacturing line
Hemodialysis Disinfectant Manufacturing line
Bicarbonate Cartridge and Bag manufacturing line
Cleancart manufacturing line
AV Bloodlines Manufacturing line
Dialyzer Manufacturing line

As your product development company, we act as the medical product design and new product engineering department that you can rely on for complete new product design for hemodialysis where we display our strength best. In the following you may have an insight to our wide range of available production lines.

A True Performance

From the Individual Single System up to Scalable Production Lines

Our development team carries projects from the Individual Single System up to Scalable production Lines, from the early phases of feasibility study and specification development, through concept development, industrial design, initial engineering, prototype development, through to the later stages of design finalization, design for manufacturer, and manufacturer engagement. We start by thoroughly understanding your goals and constraints.

Systems Integration

Our team of designers, hardware and software engineers work together to integrate component sub-systems and determine the ideal product architecture. In our design approach we employ methods and work processes to assure modularization drives the layout. We define project requirements, design hardware and electrical systems, provide software development and document design specifications and then map out multiple options to achieve your goals and analyze the options together with you. Our customers benefit through project cost savings, cost and schedule predictability and reduced schedules by performing construction activities in parallel at the site and at the module development facility.

Long tradition, bright future

Our Capabilities

- Total Solution Concept Development and feasibility study
- Industrial Design
- Front end Engineering
- Prototyping
- Full Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
- Optimization for Manufacturing
- Regulatory Planning and Management
- Manufacturing Management

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