We believe that a sustainable success over the long term can only be achieved by acting responsibly. For us, this involves more than just obeying laws, as we also seek to align our activities with shared principles and values.

At EMCE, we maintain a customer-centered approach focused on creating value with the highest standards of integrity, and the unequivocal business ethics set by our founders and carried forward by our executive team since the first day company was founded.

As one of the Turkey’s most admired companies, our reputation is one of our most valued assets. Integrity, compliance and legal affairs are of great strategic significance for our company. Participants, customers, regulators, providers, investors and others expect honesty and integrity from us. We strive without reserve for the greatest possible reliability and quality in our products; to be the unsurpassed standard of technology and innovation and to be recognized as a company of dedication, honesty, integrity, and service.

As firm elements of our corporate culture and daily business activities, integrity and compliance is essential to our lasting success.. We hold each other accountable, act with integrity, and make quality our highest priority. It encompasses everything we do and is fundamental to how we do business.

Together with passion, discipline and respect, Compliance and Integrity are fundamental components of the EMCE strategy and must be practised equally at all levels, in other words, by managers and by every individual employee. This firstly involves compliance with legal requirements and internal company guidelines, rules and standards. And secondly, integrity is one of the five corporate values that forms the basis for an open corporate culture.

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