Customer Oriented Approach

With over 30 years of product development experience for hemodialysi Emce provides guidance through each step in synergy with your team.

- Planning,
- Designing,
- Prototyping,
- Testing,
- Refining a product design concept through a finished market ready product.

After all these steps,  Our highly experienced team will then guide you through develop flexible production machinery to ensure your product is completed on time and achieves its cost, performance, and reliability goals that allows you to outpace the competition and become more profitable.

Complete Production Lines for Hemodialysis From One Supplier

Hemodialysis Concentrates manufacturing line, Hemodialysis Disinfectant Manufacturing line, Bicarbonate Cartridge and Bag manufacturing line, Cleancart manufacturing line, AV Bloodlines Manufacturing line, Dialyzer Manufacturing line.

As your product development company, we act as the medical product design and new product engineering department that you can rely on for complete new product design for hemodialysis where we display our strength best. In the following you may have an insight to our wide range of available production lines.


Your productivity has to improve every year to maintain a competitive edge. But, you face so many challenges and opportunities every day that it can be hard to identity where to begin. We can assist you. Over the years, lots of companies consulted us to optimize their process or to solve their problem in the manufacturing industry. And this experience, in fact, is the ground basis of EMCE`s in depth knowledge and innovative technology, seperating her from the rest.

Together we can redesign the perfect production flow and modify key parts in your process chain. Often by combining new technology with proven systems that may be already in your factory.

EMCE Supports Customers During Start

Emce has a good history and in depth knowledge about systems and production lines of Hemodialysis.

Start-up success requires a team approach with active planning and participation by all stakeholders. Completion of a well-designed, safe and best-in-class facility delivered on time requires the early development of a commissioning and start-up plan and schedule based on a systems approach and establishment of system turnover dates to support it.

Feasibility Study

“Is your product feasible for success in the target marketplace?”

Global market is becoming more and more tough. We engage our manufacturer early in the development process to make sure that all subsequent development is marketing focused that also aligns with functional needs, material constraints, and regulatory goals.

Front Engineering

Front-end engineering and design team produces quality process and engineering documentation of sufficient depth, defining the project requirements for detailed engineering, procurement, fabrication and installation of facilities and supporting a project cost estimate close to real.

This distinct project phase is typically essential for:
- Develop the engineering design packages to provide the foundation for the detailed engineering phase
- Evaluate options that will improve the return on assets (ROA)
- Prepare budgets for scope definition and for project funding
- Support internal funding requirements

Inspection and Integrity Solutions for the Efficiency of Your Systems

Emce offers inspection and integrity services to reduce failures, increase asset life and maintain efficiency of hemodiaysis production lines.

Our integrated approach, Assess, Inspect and Repair methods asset risk and integrity throughout the life cycle, from original plant design to decommissioning.

We plan and execute a wide range of asset integrity activities, leveraging our knowledge in risk-based assessments. From topside to subsea, we implement best practices developed from extensive experience in the onshore and offshore sectors.

Integrated Maintenance Services

Maintenance is an essential part of all phases of the asset life cycle. We analyze each client’s maintenance approach at a strategic level to optimize the maintenance program for the type of production.

We are committed to providing continuous support for our installed systems and equipment. To do so, we offer a number of value-added services that complement our traditional on-site assistance services.

On Site Training and Start-up Assistance

After installation and the production acceptance test on-site the production system is handed over to the customer. After that we will support during the production startup phase in providing training, assistance and advice.

Scalable Production Lines

Tap your full potential from your existing facility

No need for building new production lines or expanding to new locations.

Thanks to our many years of focused experience in biomedical engineering, we can boost the efficiency of your existing facility. This way, you realize more output, reduced errors and lowered cost-of-ownership of your existing floor space.

Do you want to increase quantities or change production processes according to your needs?

The Prototyping

At EMCE we are able to make your ideas tangible even before production. Our engineers are experienced for prototyping to deliver tangible, high-quality results to verify the manufacturability of your production lines for hemodialysis. To help you decide remarkably quick and cost-efficiently whether your original design or our optimization ideas are actually feasible, is examined in details - saving you time and money.

Total Solution Concept Align With Client Objectives

EMCE's primary goal is to execute a project that meets the clients' objectives for throughput capacity and quality of product. From the very first minute that we get in touch, we listen to you very carefully. Regardless of whether you are looking at a single system tailored to your objectives, a complete production line or an extension of an existing line, EMCE's conceptual design capabilities align each project's function, scope, cost and schedule with client objectives to optimize project success.


EMCE's turnkey product development services for dialysis, expertly develop product concepts into production-ready solutions. With its strong technological focus on process know-how and broad hemodialysis production line range with in-depth service, EMCE can meet its customers’ diverse needs with optimal, custom-tailored solutions and turn business challenges into opportunities

Whether it’s a small or large project, EMCE’s increased productivity and project completion efficiency create the best budget-conscious and marketing-focused solution with shorter design/installation timeline.

Updates and Upgrades

Our support goes beyond regular training and maintenance. Our engineering department continuously work for better. We keep your production facility up-to-date with these software and hardware upgrades.

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