About Us

About Us

EMCE is a rapidly growing Turkey based company that specializes in providing medical technology and services for customers dealing with renal diseases for which millions of patients worldwide regularly undergo dialysis treatment. Combined, our three domains of expertise, MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER, SUPPLY OF MEDICAL CONSUMABLES MANUFACTURING LINES and EMCE AT SERVICE, address renal patients, Doctors, nurses and customers. EMCE provides diverse manufacturing lines for hemodialysis concentrates, bicarbonate filling lines, AV bloodline and dialysis manufacturing lines. EMCE is also the leading provider of dialysis products such as bicarbonate cartridges, bags, cleancart and dialyzers.

Solution Design

EMCE provides extensive solution design services to existing and new customers with a focus on flexibility, scalability, efficiency, and of course, cost effectiveness through our solution design capabilities range from hardware solutions to software and integration (in many cases a combination of them all).

EMCE can be engaged at any stage of your program from discovery and analysis, through to program deployment and training needs. Our experienced team and facilities provide capability and capacity to develop and produce solutions of varying complexities and scales. Utilising a range of technologies, fabrication methods and development platforms.

Our support services can also be engaged to support the solution on-site or provide multi-level support options to ensure maximum uptime and solution optimisation.

EMCE Says Yes

Are you searching for additional options for manufacturing dialysis consumables.? Or customized solutions for special applications.

Medical device manufacturing lines require superior technical expertise and future-oriented solutions. This applies to design and engineering as well as operation and service.

We are an open source for medical technology. Big companies cooperate with us because of our cutting edge technology. Poor companies cooperate with us because we like to share all, technology, knowhow and profit. Globalization will find its true meaning with EMCE. We are committed to reshape the dialysis market and make it accesible for all because we can. We have an opportunity to bring together engineers, scientists, and physicians at EMCE to allow innovation in procedure, device, and health knowledge sharing.” Our portfolio is built with knowledge and expertise obtained through constant collaboration to design and make solutions for the health care challenges enabling you to benefit from the most complete and efficient solutions of the highest quality, thereby improving your competitiveness over the long term.

A New Era

No more being dependent on others.

We know that our customers need a business partner that keeps things simple – who provides more joined-up, connected, integrated solutions, services and systems. EMCE provides one of the broadest portfolios of innovative healthcare technology solutions, services and infrastructure through a single supplier, underpinned by our deep knowledge of the industry. Our commitment to improving the lives of patients requires high levels of research, quality and innovation in every aspect of our operations. We are focusing solely on a comprehensive portfolio of high quality renal solutions designed to minimize costs, reduce the workload of healthcare professionals, and increase dialysis efficacy, significantly contributing to the sustainability of our business.

Leading Global Healthcare Technology

Patient and clinician needs are constantly changing, and the pressures of the pandemic and managing chronic diseases have presented new challenges. Remarkable rise of costs of raw material and transportation, and delays in transportation during pandemic conditions, forced nations to think over developping their own manufacturing capabilities. As the global leader in healthcare technology, we create solutions for all size customers to close the Knowledge Gap and have the capability of manufacturing high quality dialysis consumables while reducing the cost of care.

As industries, trends and methods continue to evolve, EMCE stands firm in the belief that the basic requirements for a successful business strategy ⁠— reliable, scalable services supported by well- established, repeatable processes ⁠— have not changed. EMCE’s clients will always be able to rely on the quality of our people and the quality of our processes to provide innovative production lines.

We offer you to manufacture your own products in your own house. Whoever you are, whatever you are planning, come to us. our capabilities can help enhance outcomes, lower costs, increase efficiencies, improve safety and expand access to health for health systems all around the world. You will be excited to discover what you will find.

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